An Interview with Highlighter Jasmine Ståhl

For the next few weeks, the Highlights Network will be posting interviews of some of our featured hairstylists.  This week we have Jasmine Stahl, a hairstylist from Norway, and the recipient of Norway’s “Hair Designer of the Year” for 2010.  Read below to learn more about Jasmine!

Highlights:  Tell us a bit about yourself.  Where are you from?  Where do you work?  How long have you been a hairstylist?

Jasmine: I’m originally from Sweden and moved to Oslo, Norway in 1999.  I started in this industry in 1986 as a trainee, and have now been working with hair for 25 years.  The company I’m currently working for is the #1 salon group in Norway called Adam & Eva.

Jasmine ståhl

Norway's Hairstylist of the year 2010, Jasmine Ståhl

Highlights:  When did you first realize that you wanted to be a hairstylist?

Jasmine:  At first it was just by coincidence, I wanted to be a designer working with clothes.  But I just love working with people and you are  not doing  that in the same sense when you work with fabrics.  So when the time to choose my path came, I applied for Hairdressing School and luckily my grades where good so a got accepted right away.  In Sweden, to become accepted you have to have TOP grades, it’s easier to become an engineer than to work with hair.

Highlights:  What/Who inspires you?

Jasmine:  Architecture is a great inspiration when working with cut and styling.  When creating colors, I tend to look at beverage and food.  Another huge inspiration is my photographer Sandra Jensen.  To sit down with her and brainstorm is just amazing.  My fellow colleagues both in Norway and around the world are also fantastic inspiration.

Jasmine's work

Higlights: Do you have a signature look?

Jasmine:  Recently, I’ve turned towards styling up do’s that I’m very often booked for, but you can say I’m like a potato – you can use me for everything.  I love doing cut and color and can’t say that I’m better in  either field really.  I love long hair and to cut a fab longhair cut with equally fab color and style it to perfection, that’s something I really LOVE.  But then again, a sharp short cut with perfect balance, mmm, equally good.

Highlights:  What are your favorite brands/products to work with?

Jasmine:  I’m Redken fan through and through.  Amazing color and hair care that gives me as a professional all the advantages I need to create “the look” of now.  Not to mention the styling, it has to be the best in the world.  My absolute favorite products have to be the Full Frame  07 Mousse  and  Wool Shake  texture spray.

Jasmine Ståhl

Jasmine in action

Highlights:  What are the best/worst parts of your job?

Jasmine:  The worst is seeing how some hairdresser are sloppy and don’t have respect for their own industry.  They just don’t seem to bother. They are just chopping of hair and putting in hair color like they’re doing their dishes.  The best part is working with clients and colleagues, seeing and feeling their  happiness.  To be working intimately with a client, changing their day, is just wonderful.  When working as an educator and seeing the light go off in someone’s eyes, that also makes me feel so grateful.  Hair dressing is the best job on the planet.

Highlights: How often do you think people should change their hairstyle?

Jasmine:  When they feel ready for it really.  Change just for change sake is so not cool.  And often, it’s small, delicate changes that are the best.  If I want a change in my wardrobem I don’t tuck everything out; I buy selected pieces that will upgrade the whole look.  That is the philosophy I’m sticking to.  But if you are wearing the same haircut as in the 80’s and haven’t done anything since then, you should definitely change hairdressers.  The one you have is only seeing your money and not YOU.

Jasmine Stahl

Jasmine in action..

Highlights:  When someone is choosing a stylist, what is a ‘must’ they should look for?

Jasmine:  Tricky question!  I would go by recommendations really.  The one with the coolest look and the best personal hairstyle isn’t always the best stylist.  A “must” is that the stylist is interested in developing their skill set. As much in matters with actual hair as in being able to communicate and listen.  Who wants a doctor with all the diplomas he can gather if he’s not listening to you and the issues you have.

Jasmine Stahl

Jasmine's work

Highlights:  Would you share with us a few of your best hair tips or insider secrets?  What advice would you give to a hairstlyist who is just starting her career?

Jasmine:  When doing cool colors always use a CAT treatment (cysteatic acid treatment) after rinsing.  That will neutralize the acid that attacks the pigments in the hair.  And because the blue pigments are the weakest, they are the ones dissolving first.  And ALWAYS use heat protection, the heat is killing the blue pigments.  Just try for yourself.  And for the one’s starting, be serious in what you are doing.  Be there for the clients.  You have to get them hooked on you before you can start make demands.  If they don’t know that you are there they will NEVER choose you.  So forget about taking afternoons off and not working during the weekends.  And get a mentor that can guide you in the choices you surely will have to make in your life.

Jasmine's work

Highlights:  What were some of the most defining moments in your career?  Tell us about some of the awards you’ve won and/or some of the people you’ve most enjoyed working with.

Jasmine:  My first moment was really when I started “cutting” hair instead of taking off hair.  A model client of mine was spending a few months in Tokyo working and before she left, I did her hair.  When she returned she told me that she’d been styled by the number 1 stylist in Japan and that he was all over himself over the cut and that it must have been made by a master hairstylist.  I was no master at that time, just trying to work out my style. That compliment changed me forever.  I found my personal style, and I was now a HAIRDRESSER.  My latest award was winning Norwegian Hairdresser of the Year in February, that was also a defining moment in my career! I loved working with Lori Zabel, an international artist with Redken.  And to maybe one day work with Chris Baran.  That would be amazing!

Highlights would like to thank Jasmine for taking the time to be interviewed!  You are an inspiration to the Highlights Community!!

If anyone has any questions or comments for Jasmine, please leave them in the comment box!  Stay tuned for next week’s Highlights interview!



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